Black Women for Positive Change “Changing the Culture of Violence in America “
P.O. Box 78211, Washington DC 20013,
Fax 202-403-3743


Black Women for Positive Change (BW4PC), a national civic network, declares it is time to Change the Culture of Violence in America. The historic legacy of violence in America has created a national obsession with violence that impacts adults and youth. Gun violence, physical violence and abuse must stop because it is destroying the very fabric of the nation. Therefore, BW4PC calls on national, state and local leaders to create programs and partnerships to educate the nation about non-violent principles and methods that can promote non-violence in families, schools, faith-based institutions, the workplace and neighborhoods. This manifesto recognizes violence is necessary for national security and law enforcement.

However, it is the belief of BW4PC that America should incorporate nonviolence principles in daily life in order to create safe environments of peace and opportunity for children, youth, adults and elders. Therefore, BW4PC calls on parents, grandparents, youth, mentors, politicians, hip hoppers, faith-leaders, business leaders, unions, athletes, gangs, professionals, educators, entertainers, etc. to STOP THE SILENCE ABOUT VIOLENCE and work to create a cultural change in America that achieves the following goals:

 Immediate passage of gun control legislation and gun registration in every State.

 Creation of new industries of socially responsible, non-violent entertainment products including films, television, video games, music, hip hop, rap, and other forms of recreation and entertainment.

 Creation of “Safe Spaces” in faith institutions, community centers, malls, parks, benches, homes, backyards, schools and other venues where individuals can retreat to calm down from confrontations, verbal abuse and anger, and to have the opportunity for “2nd Thoughts” before engaging in violence.

 Creation of extensive state and local training opportunities in conflict resolution, mediation, parenting and reconciliation skills for children, youth and adults so, they can learn how to resolve confrontations using non-violence methods.

Respectfully submitted to the American People.


Dr. Stephanie E. Myers and Virginia Delegate Daun S. Hester, National Co-Chairs


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