Black Women for Positive Change Endorses Hillary Clinton for President of the United States


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Black Women for Positive Change Endorses Hillary Clinton for President of the United States

In a joint statement, Black Women for Positive Change National Co-Chairs Delegate Daun S. Hester, Norfolk, Virginia State Delegate, and Dr. Stephanie E. Myers, Businesswoman and Consultant said, “We are endorsing Hillary Clinton for President because she shares our vision for an America that closes the gaps among us, and will work to create a society that leads America in non-violence and peaceful conflict resolution. We don’t want our young people killed needlessly in unnecessary wars or, killed in the streets through violent confrontations within the community, or by police. We want Hillary Clinton, as President to negotiate solutions to difficult problems and strive to resolve differences among people, both at home and abroad.”  Black Women for Positive Change (BW4PC), is a national, multi-cultural, inter-faith civic network.

Delegate Daun S. Hester said, “Hillary Clinton is the most qualified candidate that we, the American people should trust to lead our country.” Delegate Hester continued, “I have met her several times and am confident she has the leadership skills to take our beloved nation forward. I am also very supportive of her choice of Tim Kaine for Vice President, a Virginian and colleague.” Dr. Stephanie E. Myers, stated, “I voted for Hillary during early voting in the District of Columbia, because I believe Hillary Clinton will work to strengthen the American Middle/Working Class. She has convinced me that she understands the challenges many Americans face as they struggle to hold onto their homes, educate themselves and their children, and work hard to be part of the global economy.”  Rev. Dr. Barbara Reynolds, Maryland voter, journalist, author and Chaplain of Black Women for Positive Change stated, “Too many people have shed their blood and sacrificed their lives to allow Donald Trump to become president. Hillary is qualified, experienced and more than worthy of our vote. When she was First Lady, I met with her several times at the White House and I was proud to vote for her last week in Maryland, because I know she will work hard for the advancement of black and brown people.”

Diane Powell, National Outreach Co-Chair, Black Women for Positive Change and Co-Chair, of the Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania chapter noted, “I am supporting Hillary Clinton because

she is well prepared and experienced in all of the areas that a President has to draw from, to make important policy decisions, on behalf of our nation.” Nebraska voter Charlene Ligon, retired United States Air Force and Webmaster for Black Women for Positive Change said, “I proudly support Hillary Clinton for President because I trust she will shape domestic policies to strengthen our economy, to increase equity and therefore will create a society more just for all. I am confident Hillary will appoint Supreme Court justices who will make decisions that protect our rights and strengthen our democracy. I believe Hillary Clinton will reflect and think before making decisions and will not act or react impulsively.  She has experience, wisdom, and deep knowledge of our nation, and the world.”

Colorado voter, author and professional photographer Patrician Duncan, Co-Chair of the Denver, Colorado Chapter of Black Women for Positive Change sent out an appeal, “We are calling on men and women voters of all races, ages, and religions—and particularly our millennials, to register to vote and to vote for Hillary Clinton. As an attendee at the Democratic National Convention, I have been in Hillary’s presence several times and am impressed with her passion and dedication to helping underserved populations including elders, children and returning offenders. She is also committed to helping college students obtain a college degree, without a lot of debt.” Estella E. Lee, California voter, former Headstart Director, in Los Angeles, and Charter Member, Black Women for Positive Change said, “Hillary has always been there for our children and will fight for their healthcare, education and safety.”   

Black Women for Positive Change recently sponsored the 2016 Week of Non-Violence, Justice and Opportunities, October 15-23, 2016, where organizations in 22 U.S. Cities, in 17 States, organized numerous non-violence activities involving youth, law enforcement, elected officials, faith leaders and adults.